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The Asian Pacific Society of Nephrology aims to promote and encourage the advancement of scientific knowledge and research in all aspects of nephrology, and to promote the exchange and dissemination of this knowledge in the Asian-Pacific area. It has close links with all regional national societies of nephrology, and with the International Society of Nephrology (ISN).The APSN aims to cater specifically for the needs of the Nephrology community throughout the region, especially fostering the development of high quality nephrology in the less well developed countries of the region.


A message from the APSN President March 2014


Dear Members of the APSN,


Nominations for the President-Elect of APSN have closed, and an announcement will be made soon, once endorsed by APSN Council.  Two nominations have been received for Distinguished Life Membership; once their nominations have been endorsed by Council and the nominees have been informed an announcement will be made.  They will be presented to the Society at the 2014 APCN.


As you know APSN is partnering with ISN to support its Global Outreach programs.  In the latest application round for Sister Renal Centres there were 5 successful applications from the Asia Pacific region – 4 at Level C and 1 at Level B.  Each of these will be known as an ISN-APSN Sister Renal Centre.  In the December round of fellowship applications there were 8 successful applications from our region, about a quarter of the total fellowships awarded globally.  There were 3 from OSEA (1 co-sponsored by the CREED program), 3 from South Asia (1 co-sponsored by APSN) and 2 from East Asia.  These SRCs and fellowships will be listed on the APSN website.


Under Yasuhiko Tomino’s leadership, excellent progress is being made with planning for the APCN 2014, to be held in Shinagawa Prince Hotel, May 14-17.  See the APCN website for details (http://www.mtoyou.jp/apcn2014/).  Over 550 extracts have been received from 23 countries.  An exciting social program is planned, including a Sumo tour with official matches being held in Tokyo during the meeting. 


Masaomi Nangaku has recently taken over as Chair of APSN CME.  I am pleased to report that Masaomi and his committee are already developing some exciting plans for CME which will be announced over the months to come.  Whether you are from a developing or developed country, if you have ideas about or requests for CME please let Masaomi know (mnangaku-tky@umin.ac.jp).


I look forward to seeing many of you in Tokyo in 2 months’ time.


Yours sincerely

David Harris

President, APSN


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