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The Asian Pacific Society of Nephrology aims to promote and encourage the advancement of scientific knowledge and research in all aspects of nephrology, and to promote the exchange and dissemination of this knowledge in the Asian-Pacific area. It has close links with all regional national societies of nephrology, and with the International Society of Nephrology (ISN).The APSN aims to cater specifically for the needs of the Nephrology community throughout the region, especially fostering the development of high quality nephrology in the less well developed countries of the region.

A message from the APSN President May 2014

Dear Members of APSN

Congratulations to Yasuhiko Tomino and his team for hosting what was an excellent APCN in Tokyo this month. There were over 1500 registrants from 48 countries! The standard of science in many of   the   sessions   was   outstanding,   in   particular   in   the   Young   Investigator’s   Award   session   which   preceded the meeting. APSN sponsored the attendance of 15 young nephrologists from developing countries, and with the Japanese Society (JSN) co-sponsored some Best Abstract awards. Best Abstract awards were presented to Mehtap Uyar from Turkey, Chih-Kang Chiang from Taiwan, Anantharaman Vathsala from Singapore, Yi-Ting Lin from Taiwan, Yanhong LI from China and Philip Masson from Australia.

We should build on the success of the Tokyo APCN and previous APCNs, to make the APCN a meeting with stature equivalent to that of the EDTA and ASN meetings. Considering that more than 60%   of   the   world’s   nephrologists   are   in   our   region,   this   would   seem   an   important   and   achievable goal.

Expressions of interest to host the 2018 APCN will be invited in a few months.

A CME meeting will be held in conjunction with the annual Japanese Society of Nephrology (JSN) meeting in Yokohama in July 2014. APSN and JSN are co-sponsoring the attendance of 20 young nephrologists from developing countries. The plan is to have four categories of APSN CME – programs conducted in developed countries (with sponsorship of young nephrologists from developing countries); CME in developing countries; sponsorship of international speakers of national society meetings to travel to adjacent developing countries; and posting of CME material on APSN’s website.

PowerPoint presentations with audio from the upcoming JSN CME will be posted soon after the meeting. The CME committee under the chairmanship of Masaomi Nangaku (mnangaku- tky@umin.ac.jp), would like to hear about your CME needs, and alternatively whether you are able to support these activities.

Within a few months we will call for applications for APSN Research Grants. The research will need to be clinical or translational and involve more than one country, and applications should be from young members of the society. The grants will be of similar value  to  that  of  ISN’s  research  grants.

I will be sending a full report of current APSN activities to all members via their APSN Councillors and national  societies.    If  you  haven’t  received  it  soon,  please  ask  them!

Yours sincerely

David Harris

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